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VTERM is a utility that provides a virtual terminal. It is a process that can be used as the HOMETERM for processes and a central location for sending messages. Messages sent to VTERM are optionally logged to a file and forwarded to another location. Logged messages are timestamped and their sender is identified.

In today’s Tandem environment, we often no longer have a centrally located hard-wired Tandem terminal which can be used as the general location for sending messages. Additionally, when hard-wired terminals were used as the general location for sending messages, data was lost as it rolled off the top of the screen, terminals would become locked up when prompts such as traps and Inspect were inadvertently sent, and messages were destroyed when system controls, setmodes, or non-displayable characters were arrived. EMS and VHS products offered by Tandem offer alternative locations except that there logs are difficult to read when the sent data is unformatted text, the most common type of application message. VTERM solves these issues.