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PACKAGE is a program that can build an unstructured data file or a self-extracting executable from 1 or more Enscribe files. The original file formats and record level information are maintained for each file put into the package.

This program is useful for the transport of multiple files as a single file, or for the transport of structured variable length data files, which cannot ordinarily be moved off of the Tandem and then back onto the Tandem.

Some of the file types this utility allows you to transport:

  • EDIT files

  • Variable length files

  • SCOBOL POBJ files

  • Entry-sequenced files.

  • Relative files.

  • Unstructured files.

  • Key-sequenced files.

Use PACKAGE for software distribution and updates. Package up an entire group of files from various locations, E-mail or FTP the single package file across the Internet, and they can all be unpacked into their target locations in a single command.