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JLIST is a utility program for viewing, moving, and changing the data in Enscribe files. It provides many powerful features that are not available in any Tandem supplied software.

JLIST provides command line access to most of the Tandem Enscribe file system procedure calls. Below are some of its more useful and powerful features:

  • Change all the occurrences of one string of data to a new value (mass changes).
  • Change the data in a specific column range to a specific value.
  • Only act upon data records that contain certain data strings.
  • Only act upon data records that contain certain data strings in certain columns, but allow "wild carding" on the criteria.
  • Read and write binary (non-displayable) characters.
  • Change the data in the file, or change just the display of the data.
  • Pull the data from one file, change it, and then put it into another file.
  • Delete certain data records from a file.
  • Quickly purge all the data from a file while that file is in use by other programs.
  • Execute a set of commands against all the data in a file, and when the end of file is reached, wait for more data and continue processing.
  • Use the cache power of Tandem's TMF system to increase the throughput of data being moved from one file to another.
  • View file data using DDL defined structures that show field labels and field values.