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Louis W. Heller
Lapeer, MI  48446

US Citizen

Senior Tandem Developer
Enscribe - SQL - Base24 XPNet
Electronic Funds Transfer - Warehousing - Brokerage - Manufacturing
24 Years Data Processing - 20 Years on Tandem
BS Computer Science - BS Chemical Engineering

SUMMARY: 24 years data processing experience with 20 years on Tandem, degrees in engineering and computer science, and a strong background in application development. 

Tandem Cobol/Cobol85 Scobol Pathway TAL C TACL Enscribe SQL
EFT - Base24 - XPNET
Manufacturing - Warehousing - Brokerage

20 years on the Tandem hardware platform.
2 years IBM Series 1, IBM 370/168, Amdahl 470V, CICS, JCL.

EDUCATION: BS in Computer Science, BS in Chemical Engineering, University of Michigan, 3.6 GPA.


Developer:  Master Computer Group, Olmsted Falls, OH; 8/05 to present, Senior Developer
Design and code of various Tandem based software products in a TAL, COBOL85, Enscribe, Pathway, TACL environment.  Worked on internet related projects, web site content, sales and support of Tandem based software.  Worked on utilities that manage message traffic, store and forward applications, file management code, configuration and control using Pathway, and processes that reformatted and routed various transactions.

Consultant: MasterCard - Troy, MI; 7/98 to 08/05. Senior Developer
Maintenance and enhancements to the MasterCard Debit Systems credit, debit, ATM environment including ISO, CIRRUS, PLUS, X9.2, EX9.2, and Europay interfaces. Enhanced code for handling memory segments. Added auditing logic to the X9.2, EX9.2, and PLUS interfaces. Added statistics to stand-in processing. Made Y2K changes and verifications. Converted user conversion routines used by SCOBOL from TAL to pTAL. Upgraded interface simulators.

Consultant. Automatic Data Processing, Jersey City, NJ; 2/95 - 7/98.
Design, code, maintenance, and enhancements of a securities trading and order match system in a Tandem COBOL/SCOBOL/TAL Pathway environment. Redesigned and wrote execution parsers for interfacing with the various stock exchanges. Used communications utilities to capture/replay message traffic for testing and simulations. Analyzed existing batch processing, architected new and improved data flows, and then designed and coded programs to implement the new architecture. Rewrote many existing programs to apply structured coding and implement current programming standards. Developed code to interface existing systems with the Canadian stock exchanges using the STAMP specification, conducted all certifications, and handled the detection and resolution of all interface problems. Wrote all the applications used to maintain the many data files. Installed and configured various exchange interface environments.

Consultant. MPACT Immedia, Livonia, MI; 11/93 - 2/95.
Design, code, maintenance, enhancements, and documentation of EDI and Message Management software in a Tandem COBOL/SCOBOL Pathway environment. Designed and coded a Volume Billing system. Performed unit and integration systems testing. Wrote test scripts for automated testing. Provided customer support and frequently traveled to customer sites.

Consultant. Metromedia Communications, San Antonio, TX; 7/93 - 11/93.
Design, code, maintenance, and enhancements of an Order Entry and Order Maintenance system in a Tandem COBOL/SCOBOL Pathway environment. Worked as QA Manager.


Consultant. MPACT EDI Systems, Livonia, MI; 9/92 - 7/93.
Design, code, maintenance, enhancements, and documentation of EDI and Message Management software in a Tandem COBOL/SCOBOL Pathway environment. Maintenance, enhancements, and documentation for an EDI data translator using C. Provided on-site customer support. Performed benchmarking on software throughput at Tandem's Benchmarking Center. Worked as Pathway Manager, performed unit and integration systems testing, and wrote install and operations documents. Managed source and object code administration for releases.

Consultant. Leroux, Pitts & Associates, Clearwater, FL; 1/92 - 9/92.
Design, code, maintenance, enhancements, and documentation for a new release of a Credit Authorization and Management system in a Tandem TAL/COBOL/SCOBOL Pathway environment. Designed and coded the purge subsystem. Responsible for all DDL management and source control during the project.

Consultant. MPACT EDI / Tandem Computers, Livonia, MI.; 3-90 to 1-92.
Design, code, maintenance, enhancements, and documentation of EDI and Message Management software in a Tandem COBOL/SCOBOL PATHWAY environment. Redesigned and coded an Addressing and Distribution system, bridge software between an EDI data translator and a Message Management system, and coded automated conversions for software release upgrades. Met frequently with customers for requirements acceptance and sign-off. Performed unit and integrated systems testing, wrote install and operations documents, and traveled to customer sites to provide support. Provide formal training to customers in a classroom environment. Exposure to SQL. Extensive systems work including DDL, Line configurations, Pathway management, ENABLE, Litecom, and interface with PC's using IXF.

Project Leader. EDS, Martinsburg, Virginia; 10-89 to 3-90.
Analysis of parts manufacturing and distribution processes. Provided functional requirements, detailed design, and coding of Picking, Packing, Shipping, and Lost & Found subsystems in a Tandem COBOL/SCOBOL Pathway Environment. Performed project management functions including project planning, allocation of resources, and time-reporting.

Project Leader. EDS, Flint, MI; 2-89 to 10-89
Detailed design and code of RECEIVING and PUTAWAY subsystems for the AC-Delco Parts Distribution centers in a COBOL/SCOBOL PATHWAY Environment. Managed source and object code administration, systems integration, Beta-testing, and customer acceptance.

Programmer Analyst. EDS, Pontiac, MI; 10-86 to 2-89
Design, code, documentation, and enhancements of PICKING, PACKING, SHIPPING, and CONVEYOR subsystems in a COBOL/SCOBOL PATHWAY environment. Performed site installation and provided on-site training to warehousing personnel. Interfaced Tandem with multiple device types and protocols, and provided analysis using various diagnostic tools. Developed custom systems tools using TACL, ENABLE, DDL, and MIS Batch.

Programmer Analyst. EDS-Plano TX, Development Center; 5-86 to 10-86
Coded Payroll and Order Entry systems using COBOL, CICS, and JCL in an IBM 370/168 environment. Wrote general design specifications including requirements definition, flowcharting, and test plans.

Programmer. GM Chevrolet Engine Plant, Flint, MI; 8-85 to 5-86
Design and coded batch report programs for GM personnel, using statistics gathered from a Preventive Maintenance System on a IBM Series 1.

Chemical Engineer. Boride Products, Inc., Traverse City MI; 8-83 to 4-84
Designed new equipment, evaluated current process designs, and developed standards and procedures for the quality control laboratory. Provided analysis and maintenance to RPG systems. Coded and utilized numerical analysis of chemical formulations and equipment parameters to provide design optimization.