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James E. Hinsch Jr.
27063 Laurel Lane
Olmsted Falls, OH 44138


US Citizen

Senior Tandem Developer
Enscribe - SQL - Base24 – XPNet
TCP/IP – Performance Tuning – Capacity Planning – Software Mgmt
Switch – Electronic Funds Transfer - Manufacturing
BS Degree - 30 Years Data Processing - 25 Years on Tandem
Guardian / OSS

PLATFORM: HP Tandem NonStop/Guardian/OSS.
25 years TAL, C, COBOL/COBOL85, SCOBOL, Pathway, Enscribe, SQL, DDL, TACL, Data Comm., Database design, performance tuning, load balancing, capacity planning, TCP/IP Sockets, Client-Server, HTTP, HTML, distributed processing, multi–threading, Non–stop, strong PC skills.  Project management, design, analysis, code, test, operations, systems, and support. 

EDUCATION: B.S. in Chemical Engineering
, Wayne State University; Detroit, MI.


Senior Developer/Architect: Visa International, Highlands Ranch, CO; 12/07 to present
Designed and coded a TCP/IP APFTP interface for file transfer and Base–2 file registration, including a multithreaded TCP/IP  listner/distributor and data socket servers.  Designed and coded Webform interface with automatic form generation from dictionary structures.  Wrote the TCP/IP sockets server, HTTP protocol handler, HTML forms handler, Enscribe and OSS file handlers.  Built Pathway based tools for migration, shipment, and installation of database changes to and from various environments.  Migrated multi-operating system application running under OSS and Guardian to the Itanium platform, including installation of system software (Webserver, Java, Servlets, RSC, etc.) and wrote code to change environment specific database values in Enscribe and SQL.  Set up Golden Gate data replication across nodes for disaster recovery and for throttled data migration.  Designed application monitor software, multi–platform/operating system log file consolidation (Windows Server 2003, Tandem OSS, Tandem Guardian) filter and monitor, and developed tools to help certify the Data Express file transfer application.  Team lead on all of the above projects.  Wrote design and spec documentation, managed programmers.  Wrote guide for training TAL programmers to program in C on Tandem.  Converted various call functions from TAL to C.

Developer: First Data Corporation, Wilmington, DE; 05/07 to present
Developed image code for Diebold, NCR, and Fuji ATM devices.  Coded enhancements to terminal handler code for processing ATM transactions in a TAL/COBOL/Pathway environment on the Tandem hardware platform.  Built software in TAL/COBOL/Pathway/TACL to automatically generate image code for ATM’s from a user filling out a form with required characteristics.  Fluent in all aspects of Diebold, NCR, and Fuji ATM state and screen protocols.

Developer:  Master Computer Group, Olmsted Falls, OH; 8/05 to 04/07
Developed various internet related business ventures.  Created web sites, implemented payment gateways, internet marketing, handled domain management, built and managed site content, and implemented business ideas from conception to completion.  Design, code, market, and support of Tandem based software products such as utilities and a TCP/IP Sockets based interface that provides access to Tandem based services via the Internet.  Programs written using Tal, Cobol85, Scobol, Pathway, Enscribe, and TACL.  Develop and market Tandem based testing, performance, and tuning software for use in capacity planning, QA certification.

Consultant:  MasterCard (formerly National Bank of Detroit, Bank One)- Troy, MI; 7/98 to 8/05 
Senior Developer
As the most senior member of MasterCard Debit Systems, I made various enhancements to the PLUS and other interfaces for use with the CIRRUS Money Card network, utilizing XPNET and BASE24 software from ACI. Designed and coded a distributed real time monitoring and statistics collection system for the CIRRUS Money Card network spanning multiple machines. Built a proactive rules based alarm system to perform various alerts and actions.  Design and maintenance of various processor simulation programs.  Work done in Tal, Cobol, Pathway, Enscribe, and TACL.

Analysis of programs to identify performance bottlenecks, system configuration for performance tuning, code changes to enhance performance and reduce disk space requirements, and capacity planning based on current and anticipated transaction volume, CPU, memory, and disk space usage.  Used tools such as Measure, SQL Explain, custom performance modeling programs, and compared architecture variations to measure, predict and enhance performance.

Consultant:  Automatic Data Processing - Jersey City, NJ; 8/93 to 7/98.
Lead architect. 
DBA, Manager of Development for a new Tandem data center. Created all facets of the Tandem development environment, standards, procedures, and wrote the developers guide. Converted a data switch and order match system into Client-Server architecture, migrated from the C30 OS to D30, implemented TMF, built external interfaces, and published the API in a TAL/COBOL/Pathway environment. Designed and wrote a universal multi-threaded TCP/IP Sockets driver providing client and server services.

Designed and wrote a multi-threaded interface between the Canadian exchanges and a variety of existing brokerage systems following the STAMP specification. Designed, directed, and coded the most difficult parts for a variety of successful projects. Built software version control and migration tools. Directed Year 2000 upgrade and certification. Performed performance analysis, benchmarking, and tuning and redesigned the database and specific aspects of the software products for maximum throughput. Reviewed all major designs and personally architected the most complex. Conducted technical interviews and supervised operations and systems areas.  Built DES encryption procedures from public domain C code to run on Tandem.

Was the contact point to Tandem for the reporting and resolution of all Tandem software problems. Produced extensive documentation including user guides, installation manuals, technical reference guides, operations manuals, and system flow charts. Designed and coded an on-line help system for the entire set of applications. Designed and wrote the menu and security interface to all application software. Added built-in tracing facilities. Designed error reporting mechanisms from within the applications. Built software monitoring tools for operations. Built software to manage and maintain background processes. Built models for the control of batch.

Consultant:  EDS - Flint, MI; 1/93 to 8/93. Data communications and technical support.
Design and code of a multi-threaded non-stop line-handler to interface between a Warehouse Crane and Tandem in TAL. Provided my own scoping software to capture the protocol between the Crane and existing objects during live operation and used the results to develop a new line-handler, which interfaced with the Pathway environment and the SQL database. Design and code of distributed source/object administration software using TAL and TACL. Developed custom tools and utilities to automate and simplify the management of the SQL environment. Provided my own software to capture and re-play transactions for testing and analysis. Provided general technical support on all aspects of Tandem and design issues.

Consultant:  New York Switch Corp. - Secaucus, NJ 7/92 to 1/93.
Implementation and configuration of CONNEX Advantage ATM switch software as part of a Data Center startup. Designed and coded new supporting modules and integrated them into third party software including "Card Issuance", "Billing", "Safeguard Auditing", "Operations Automation", and "Software Install" subsystems. Modules were written in TAL (some Non-Stop) and interfaced with switch processes and Pathway environments. Integration of various PC based and Tandem files with IBM Settlement systems. Wrote specifications for new reporting modules for IBM 3090.

Consultant: Deluxe Data Systems - New Berlin, WI 10/91 to 7/92.
Technical lead for an electronic benefits system. Designed and coded multi-threaded line handlers for Tandem/IBM connectivity in TAL using LU 6.2 (SNAX/APC). Designed and coded store-and-forward processing, access to Tandem SQL database from IBM 3090 and PC's (Windows 3.x) using Tandem Pathway, SQL, Cobol85, and TAL. Built a memory-based file system and constructed complete management facilities for management of the memory pools via the IBM 3090 using LU 6.2 and Tandem's SPI. Coded and documented low-level procedures (TAL) for use in all other Cobol and TAL programs.

Built operator interface tools using TACL. Performance tuning. Project Manager for the development and installation of Audio Response Units (DB Inquiry via any touch-tone telephone), and designed/coded the interface into the Tandem. Beta tester for Windows 3.1. On site support person for Microsoft Windows, Excel, Word for Windows, PowerPoint, PC Tools, and more.

Consultant: McDonalds Corporation - Oak Brook, IL; 5/91 to 10/91.
Designed and coded a switch on Tandem that interfaced with TELENET, UNIX based PC's, and IBM 3090 using TAL, Cobol, and Pathway for pass-thru, store-and-forward, or archiving Payroll, Profit/Loss, and Personnel data.. Coded front-end conversational X.25 applications and LU 6.2 line handlers for on-line access to the IBM. Heavy coding and project management from business requirements through implementation.

Consultant: MPACT EDI Systems/Tandem Computers - Livonia, MI; 6/90 to 5/91.
Design, code, and documentation of Electronic Data Interchange software involving the redesign of Line Handlers in a TAL, Cobol, Pathway environment. As the senior Tandem analyst, managed the complete development environment including all DBA functions, the Pathways, etc. Provided technical support, wrote standards, coded new program skeletons, and taught proper coding techniques on Tandem. Developed multi-site/multi-version software management tools using TACL. Wrote Pathway/Non-Pathway interface using Unsolicited Message Processing. Designed and coded Addressing and Distribution, and Billing systems. Completed SQL self-study.

Consultant:  EDS - Flint, MI; 12/89 to 6/90. Technical Support Group.
Extensive Pathway and overall systems tuning of multiple GM production sites. Coded systems monitoring tools using Pathway/TAL/Cobol/Scobol. Designed and coded a source/object installation/administration system using Pathway/TAL/Cobol/Scobol. Built programmer development tools using TACL.

Consultant:  EDS - Flint, MI; 10/88 to 12/89. Application Development Group.
Designed and coded a 2-way interface between an IBM 3270 and Tandem for tracking employee time and customer billing. Maintenance and enhancements coding for GM warehousing software including partial rewrites of PICKING, PACKING, SHIPPING, and CONVEYOR applications. Conversion of a complete warehousing software package to Cobol85 from Cobol74.

Consultant:  Oriole Software - Towson, MD; 6/88 to 10/88.
Design and code of turn-key MRP systems on Tandem. Coding from specifications, documentation, testing, maintenance, and enhancements in a Pathway/TAL/Cobol/Scobol environment.

Consultant:  Springs Industries - Lancaster, SC; 8/87 to 6/88.
Design and code of MRP systems for the manufacture of textiles on Tandem. Wrote program specifications, taught classes in Tandem software such as Pathway, Cobol, Scobol, DDL, TEDIT, ENABLE, FUP, and TACL.

Consultant:  AMC Jeep Corp. - Toledo, OH; 2/87 to 6/87.
Lead analyst. Modified and implemented vehicle tracking/broadcast software for the automation of assembly line operations on Tandem in a Pathway/TAL/Cobol/Scobol environment including interfacing with many other hardware types. Worked on installation of the same software into a second plant in Bramelea, Canada.

Project Manager:    Bowers Ink Products - Chicago, IL; 5/86 to 2/87.
Responsible for all Tandem and IBM Series 1 operations within the Bowers Ink Group. Project Manager for conversion of Accounting and Manufacturing systems from IBM systems to Tandem.

Project Leader/Engineer: PPG - Cleveland, OH - 4/83 to 4/86.
Designed, coded, and implemented Tandem Pathway systems for quality control, product formulation, statistics, bar-coding, shipping, ordering, and replaced old TIME-SHARE systems.

Programmer:           United Computer Services - Detroit, MI; 7/79 to 4/83.
Evaluated user requirements in a small business environment and developed PC based software for office automation. Installed hardware, wrote custom software, and provided training and support.

Other Notes:
President of Master Computer Group, Inc., a consulting services and software company specializing in the Tandem hardware platform and whose software products are in use by dozens of Fortune 500 companies.

Featured twice in Tandem Users Group Journal with published articles on TACL, Tools, and Utilities.

Owner of a dozen domains and many internet related ventures.

I am an avid travel journalist.

An accomplished writer and advisor on personal relationships.

Speak, Read/Write fluent Spanish.
Speak Portuguese.

President, Theta Tau Professional Engineering Fraternity
Member of American Institute of Chemical Engineers

Awarded the Outstanding Leadership Award, Wayne State University, College of Engineering

PC Software – Expert Level
Microsoft Outlook / Outlook Express
Microsoft Word
Microsoft Excel
Microsoft PowerPoint
Microsoft FrontPage
Adobe Photoshop
Crystalpoint Codewrite
Internet Utilities and Related

HP Tandem Non-Stop Guardian TAL COBOL COBOL85 SCOBOL PATHWAY TACL Programmer Software DDL FUP TEDIT BASE24 XPNET SQL ENSCRIBE Engineer EFT Electronic Funds Transfer Manufacturing ATM POS DBA TMF Desgin Code Analysis Analyst Program Data Switch Data Communications Performance Tuning Capacity Planning Tandem Brokerage Financial Developer Development Market QA Test Tools Utilities Batch Netbatch Transaction Client Server Systems Operations Safeguard Documentation Product Support Business