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Master Computer Group is a software and consulting firm specializing in the Tandem hardware platform.

We provide senior level consulting services for users of Tandem computers. Contact us today for the best in Tandem talent.


We have a variety of useful software products for use on the Tandem hardware platform, unavailable from any other source. See our software section for information on our many utilities and to download. 


We pride ourselves on the extraordinary quality of our programs. There are currently no known defects in any of our software. Should you discover a problem with one of our products, contact us and we will immediately fix it.


JWEB - Webform replacement for SCOBOL.  Forms automatically generated for file maintenance and browsing.

Capture / Replay for TACL - Record, Play, and Replay of conversation mode interaction with HP Non-Stop.  Automate testing or add logging to operations.

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